Welcome to Laub BioChem, the world’s supplier of premium-grade VFI Humic Acid®

VFI Humic Acid® is a potent extract from soil that comes directly from Mother Earth.
It contains a wide range of essential minerals and other important nutrient supplements that
help maintain an active lifestyle.*

VFI Humic Acid® is also highly effective in supporting a healthy immune system – and assists in
maintaining overall health – even during seasonal times of runny noses and achy muscles.*

* All natural
* From tested sources
* No side effects
* Does not interfere with prescription drugs
* Recommended for all people 6 years and older
* Also safe for pets, fish, and domestic animals

SPT Advantage®

  • The Best Source
  • Rigorous Processing
  • Comprehensive Testing


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Clinical Trial Results

Laub BioChemicals Corporation Announces Results of U.S.
Clinical Trial on the Effects
of Humic Acid …

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