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The Company has developed broad-spectrum substances comprised of natural-product as well as synthetic analogues of VFI Humic Acid® – a blend of compounds extracted from soil organic matter. The Company’s ongoing R&D efforts are focused on both organic and synthetic versions; the Company’s commercial products are completely all-natural.


How does VFI Humic Acid® Work?
VFI Humic Acid® is in essence a prophylactic that hinders microbial action. This in turn helps the host’s own natural immune system to maintain overall health and wellness.


VFI Humic Acid® will have the greatest impact in the arenas of human health and maintenance of wellbeing; as well as in veterinary applications involving animal and fish defenses against health challenges.


In live-animal trials, VFI Humic Acid® exhibited no detectable toxic or other side effects at levels 50-100 times higher than would ordinarily be used in practice.


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