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The first “western” scientific study of humic acid was reported in 1786 by F. K. Achard (Crell’s Chem. Anal. 1786, 11, 391-403).  However, clays, soils, and other earths (such as “shilajit”) have been in pharmacological use in “eastern” medicinal practice for far longer (R. Root-Bernstein and M. Root-Bernstein, Honey, Mud, Maggots, and Other Medical Marvels.  Boston: Mariner Press, 1998; Ch. 5).


Modern research has shown that humic acid contains a wide range of essential minerals and other vital nutrients necessary for human health.  It is also highly effective in supporting a healthy immune system, especially during seasonal times of occasional microbial challenge.  Laub BioChem’s VFI Humic Acid® is, in fact, the world’s first all-natural, safe, broad-spectrum antiviral.


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