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The SPT Advantage

Set Your Sights On The SPT Advantage®!

Humic acid is an all-natural material formed from composted vegetable matter; deposits are typically over 50,000 years old.  There are many sources of humic acid; it is found in soil as a black material, and in peat.  Soil humic acids are known variously as lignite, leonardite, or brown coal.


The properties of humic acid can vary from soil to soil, based on many complex factors.  Over ten years of Laub BioChem’s extensive research and development have been poured into identifying the optimal source, processing procedures designed to maximize efficacy, and testing protocols to ensure reproducibility and guarantee safety


* The Best SOURCE
* Comprehensive TESTING


We have searched the world over to locate the most efficacious raw material.


We employ meticulous extraction and manufacturing processes to bring you the world’s most potent humic acid.  Our VFI Humic Acid® is government-approved for safety and our manufacturing facility is:

* cGMP-Certified
* FDA and CA-approved for ALL pharmaceutical drug manufacture


Rigorous, systematic testing guarantees that the quality of our VFI Humic Acid® consistently meets the highest standards–ours, and yours.


These factors comprise The SPT Advantage®–used to produce VFI Humic Acid®.  The world’s premium-grade humic acid.  When you’re searching for a new product, you’re looking for the best. VFI Humic Acid®–available now from Laub BioChem.  You will love what it does for you!